Communications Specialist

“The roof is not my son, but I will raise it” -Xavier Woods

1. Omar. My baby. My love. My true companion in life. At age 4 I picked him out as a gift for my mom's boyfriend but I loved him so much I took him back. It was the best decision of my life. He's great at tumbling and loves being little spoon when we cuddle. Sleeping is ruff without him.

2. Olive Oil. Two things that remain a constant value in my life is cooking and adamant skin care. Olive oil keeps my food tasting yum and my face staying moisturized in this Utah desert hole. Oil value this for as long as olive.

3. Headphones. I need my music and my personal space. They make things sound better & they make my soul feel better. 90% of the time you’ll see me with them, they're my best (ear) buds.

4. Soccer. It’s one of those cliche things that has gotten me to where I am now. From age 6 to my junior year in college, I didn’t know life outside of shin guards and competition. Fortunately, outdoorsy Utah caters to my active lifestyle. I’m still too competitive for my own good and it's a habit I just can't kick.

5. Fountain Pens. Writing has played a constant role in my sanity, emotional well being, and unwavering flaw of living in the past. To help, I own 3 fountain pens that have all been passed down to me from my dad and grandpa. It reminds me to keep doing things I love to do & to remember the things I used to love. This is one essential I can always dePENd on.






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