These are the creative humans imbued with the spirit to do something. 

They inspire us. Let them inspire you.

Ivy Earnest has changed the culture in Utah. Her endeavors in the Salt Lake bar scene has allowed bars to better thrive, helping what was once considered the counterculture become a dominant one in conservative Utah. After her husband set up E3 Modern, Ivy set up Boozetique, a multipurpose store based on wine and cocktail accessories, providing local bartenders, wait staff, and all of Salt Lake with better taste. The Boozetique is set up in a prime location in downtown Salt Lake, offering a trendy venue to show for cocktail and wine accessories and enjoy the unique speakers that offer a wide range of music while one shops. Ivy, while she inspires with her efforts, is also inspired by the people of Salt Lake and its community, hoping to give back what the community has given her. Ivy inspires us with her dedication to serve the community and help diversify Salt Lake.

The Boozetique is located on 315 Broadway in SLC.

Visit her website:

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Kevin Kantor has captivated audiences around the world. His creative outlet has led him in a powerful direction that engages and educates his audience on the intersecting issues of queerness, gender inequality, rape culture and privilege. He's also no amateur to the limelight. His writing, which aims to subvert toxic masculinity, raise queer voices and explore survivorship and trauma, has been featured on The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Ted X, Upworthy and is forthcoming in the anthology We Believe You: Survivors of Campus Sexual Assault Speak Out. On top of being a spoken word poet, he is an actor, director, teaching artist and queer agent for social change. Kevin's powerful work is a celebration as much as it is a learning opportunity -working to move beyond the shame that often circles such discussions toward a place of validation, action and self-love.

We are inspired by Kevin's warmth, words and work in bettering the world we live in. Thank you, Kevin, for inspiring us and thousands of others.

Check Kevin Out   Here

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Courtney Marriott started body piercing in 2010. At the time, she was unaware that her interest in body jewelry and art would eventually lead to finding a powerful healing method in body piercing. Courtney is the owner and founder of Abyss Body Piercing in SLC and is also one of the kindest humans we've ever met. Abyss is a beautifully lit shop adorned with unique and locally made jewelry, art and other handmade goods. Courtney is constantly inspired by the beautiful people in SLC and the power of holistic healing. We are inspired by Courtney's drive, her sense of self and her giant heart.

Abyss Body Piercing is located at 245 E 300 S in SLC.

Visit her website: Abyss Body Piercing

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Zoe Zoberski started her design education at Salt Lake Community College’s Fashion Institute. She was selected as the opening designer for the Raw Couture Fashion Show, in which she created her first complete collection, and most recently was chosen to be one ofthree emerging designers to showcase a collection for Art Meets Fashion. After graduating from the Fashion Institute last Fall, she was accepted to Central Saint Martins and will be moving to London to attend classes in Fall 2015. Zoe is constantly inspired by her surroundings and we are inspired by Zoe.

Zoe’s designs are available for purchase at Farasha Boutique on Main Street in Park City.

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In remembrance of their best friend, the late Johnny Bones, Dan Sammons and Damian Garcia felt it was only right to brand everything they do in the name of their fallen brother. Damian and Dan fondly remember Johnny Bones as a kid that was, "so much further ahead of the game". He lived without fear and always accepted a challenge if it was something that might make someone laugh. Although the passing of Johnny Bones has not been an easy road for these two innovators, his legacy lives on in everything they do. There is no limit to what Damian and Dan will accomplish with the inspiration they take from their late friend. We are inspired by Johnny Bones.

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