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Urban Lounge 15 Year Anniversary Show

Urban Lounge 15 Year Anniversary Show

Many concert goers are familiar with the lifespan pattern of venues: places pop up, they serve to host a few particular movements of their era, and then they fade in the wake of new spaces. Urban Lounge, our first child in many ways, is now almost old enough to drive. That's crazy. It's landmarks like these that make us think about how much has actually happened within the walls of our space since our opening; how many artists both local and abroad have roused us back into feeling the many spectrums of life's intensity; how many friends have been made; how many memorable nights we've spent together. As a venue, we do our best to bring artists who can inspire, provoke, rejoice, or just make us dance in ways that we still prefer not to remember when sober. However, a business isn't much without an amazing community who is always participating in keeping the spirit of live music alive and well. We're not so idealistic to say that we're going to live forever, but if we can still be here for you after 15 years, perhaps it's not too far-fetched to say that we'll be sticking around a little while longer.

Come celebrate with us! 
music by Max Pain & The Groovies, The Hound Mystic, Hot Vodka, and Beachmen

Doors open at 8PM.
Entry is FREE


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