A Summer Soirée

The white light of a falling sun gleamed in as guests arrived. We've never seen the studio shine so bright. Smiling faces trickled and then poured in. Some of whom we haven't seen in years, some of whom we have never seen, and others which we have the pleasure of seeing on a daily basis. What a beautiful group of people. What a fantastic party.

Thanks to everyone who joined us in celebrating the 2nd anniversary of Studio Elevn and launch of We Are Elevn. If you couldn't make it, you missed out, but we still love you- come hang out.

We owe a special thank you to some incredible individuals who made this night possible: 

Steve Conlin from Ogden’s Own Distillery for the Five Wives Vodka and Underground Herbal, Michelle Church, Rye Beer and General Distributing, DJ Nightfreq, Jordan Harper, Sam Totten, Chelsey Montrone with Revel Designs, Vinyl Stickers by Billy Ditzig, and Petal Coup.

Thank you for your generous donations in products, time and energy. 

Photography: Jordan Harper // Location: Studio Elevn // Gallery Curation: Michael Ori, Joey Jonaitis// Event Planning: Revel Designs, Casey Chase, Abbey Tate 

BTS Ori Media: Moments

BTS Ori Media: Moments

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