Purple Haze

We spent a day hiking and wading around Oneonta Falls, Oregon with Chain + Anchor owner/ jewelry designer, Sarah Wishard. Chain + Anchor was founded in Portland, OR in 2012 with a mission in mind. Sarah recognized that the trendy "Chain and Anchor" bracelets were originally deemed as "slave bracelets". In order to honor the history behind the bracelets and contribute to an issue that is still prevalent today, she chooses to donate 5% of every sale to a monthly rotating charity promoting freedom. Sarah is a babe with a heart of gold and a passion for making beautifully intricate, handmade jewelry. She also looks like a pagan mermaid which is pretty fucking awesome. 

Photography: Jordan Harper// Model: Sarah Wishard// Styling & Creative Direction: Casey Chase
// Location: Oneonta Falls, OR

Going Nowhere

The Mane Attraction